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Green bracelet beads Agate and Russian Serpentines

Green bracelet beads Agate and Russian Serpentines

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Green corresponds to the color of the fourth chakra. It is the symbol of balance and renewal, love, compassion and harmony. It is synonymous with hope.

Green is synonymous with nature, hope, chance, permissiveness, licentiousness and fertility.

Green stones are known for their multiple benefits. Just like strengthening the eyes, the kidneys, controlling urinary functions, treating digestion problems. Many believe that wearing a green colored gemstone promotes conception.

Green is the color of wisdom. It is said that wearing green shaded stones promotes receptivity to the wisdom of nature.

  • 8mm Matte Tree Agate Beads
  • 8mm Russian Serpentine Beads


Agate is one of the most important protective stones. It wards off negative energies and leads to inner balance. Stones were already used in antiquity, and Aristotle already knew the power of stones. Today, healing stones are mainly used in lithotherapy.

The stone of agate acts slowly, but deploys an enormous power . As a protective stone, it builds self-confidence, promotes self-acceptance and provides comfort.


The olive-colored mineral covers many facets, whether at the psychological, spiritual or physical level. It has protective virtues, both on the body and on the mind, against invasive waves and against worries. It helps to relax and unwind one's mind, while helping to concentrate to distract from daily concerns. It opens the mind and helps direct healing energy to a specific location in the body. The serpentine stone also helps to reduce stress, especially that due to travel. It relaxes angry people and eases tensions so that the person feels great inner calm. It also builds confidence and helps its owner feel truly in control of their lifeline and destiny.

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All bracelets are personalized to your wrist size.

A bracelet from Nimar Bracelets

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