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Jasper, Onyx and Labradorite Bracelet

Jasper, Onyx and Labradorite Bracelet

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  • 8mm Red Jasper Beads 8mm Root Chakra
  • 8mm matte onyx beads
  • 8mm Smooth Labradorite Beads
  1. ROOT CHAKRA: Red Jasper Bead

Located at the base of the spine, it promotes anchoring,
the sense of security and survival and financial independence.
It collects the energy produced by the earth and nature. It represents
life energy, body awareness and inner strength.


  • Promotes grounding, strength and security
  • Energizes the body
  • Promotes vitality
  • Stone of cleanliness and balance
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps detoxify the circulatory system


  • Relieves fears and worries
  • Brings self-control
  • Protection against negative energies
  • Helps to think positive
  • Help with intuition
  • Protects against electromagnetic frequencies from computers, mobile phones etc.


Labradorite is multicolored. The stone is usually yellow and blue on a gray background, but can also glow orange, red or green.
The play of colors is caused by numerous plate-like inclusions, which refract the light. This is called labradorization or the Schiller effect .

Labradorite is very decorative and is often made into jewelry and decorative items. Its relative sweetness makes it excellent for processing in bowls and dishes. In the home, it is suitable for wall and floor tiles, worktop and sink.

When weathered, labradorite yields fertile clay. This fertility is reflected in the healing effects of the stone. Literally - Labradorite helps fight infertility - and figuratively - Labradorite inspires creativity and stimulates the imagination.

In gemstone therapy, labradorite is primarily used as a protective stone against negative thoughts, influence from others, and energy vampirism.

Carrying Labradorite with you will replenish the missing colors in your aura. Labradorite closes the aura and solar plexus from negative moods and thoughts of others.
Hypersensitive people will benefit from carrying a labradorite in their pocket or as jewelry when they go somewhere with a lot of people.

→Important information about my bracelets:

  • Each of my bracelets is unique and handmade with care and
  • The design of the bracelet could differ depending on the size of the beads and the size of the wrist so that it is more representative than the one in the photo.
  • The bracelet may have slight differences with the photos due to light exposure. However, the maximum detail and precision is demonstrated for the bracelet.
  • The bracelets with charm, this one could be different from the photo.

Nimar Bracelets cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions and no refunds will be issued for this reason. The spacers and charms used are silver and gold plated.

→Lifespan of your strap:

  • In order to keep your bracelet well, do not stretch the elastic thread unnecessarily.
  • Take off the bracelet to wash yourself.
  • Avoid putting your bracelet in contact with lotions and sweat

→How I measure my wrist:

The size of your bracelet must be measured or have your wrist bone removed and you add 0.5 pc to it to ensure that your bracelet is comfortable and that it can slide easily or is the widest part of your hand.

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All bracelets are personalized to your wrist size.

A bracelet from Nimar Bracelets

A bracelet for any occasion...

For a birthday

This is the ideal event to start or complete
a collection of pearl bracelets. Pearl bracelets are very
versatile and easy to wear with any outfit

Why not surprise your
half with a bracelet of Quartz beads or Chakra beads. Choose from
white pearls if she has a medium to dark complexion. They will contrast
beautifully with her complexion. The black pearls will also be
striking on those with a paler complexion and fair hair.

These are also suitable
to young girls than to more mature women. They offer an excellent
gift. Teenagers will welcome a multicolored pearl bracelet with