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The importance of your "OPINIONS"

Each time a customer takes the time to give her opinion on the purchase of her bracelet, it touches me and also allows me to improve.

Word-of-mouth has always been an essential channel for companies to make themselves known and above all to expand their clientele.

Me the first when I see a product that attracts me and interests me but of which I do not know the person or persons behind this company I will look for the "opinions" issued on it.

So it is obvious that when the opinions are positive and more unanimous it is clear that I will make my purchase with confidence without any hesitation.

But the less comments are also very important because they make sure that I correct the shortcomings and in addition allow you to see that yes the comments are all written by real customers.

So without knowing it, your opinion allows me to evolve, to be recognized, and to grow my small business.

Thank you to you who take the time to publish your opinion because you make the difference in the success of Nimar bracelets.

Christine Plouffe, owner and creator

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