Après deux ans le résultat est "INCROYABLE" - Bracelets Nimar

After two years the result is "INCREDIBLE"

Wowww!!! 😊

It's not me who said it...but Bracelets Nimar is one of your "favorite" shops for the choice of your bracelet.

You spoke and you are unanimous 😊 you are satisfied with the quality of the bracelets and my customer service.

More and more, we want to encourage local purchases and local artisans, but sometimes it's difficult to find impeccable quality, attention to detail with competitive prices and more, well that's all I tell you. offers with love and passion since day one.

Regularly, I make it a point to show you how I appreciate my customers who show interest in my creations by offering you incredible promotions, contests, and surprises.

With now more than 2000 Facebook subscribers, almost 100 5-star reviews, more than 550 newsletter subscribers on my shop, believe me, he has something to be proud of 😊 but without you, without your support and your trust, it wouldn't have been possible then Thank you from the heart.

Finally, I invite you to continue to follow me because I have some very nice surprises in store for you in the months to come and above all to continue to suggest Nimar Bracelets to those around you because you are the best publicity, dear customers.

See you soon,

Christine Plouffe

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